Global Balanced Fund

The fund is designed for investors who prefer a slightly lower risk fund than the Global Equity Fund.

The goal of the Global Balanced Fund is to balance income generation, capital growth and risk of loss using a diversified global portfolio.

To do this, the fund primarily invests in shares of publicly listed companies and bonds issued by companies and governments located anywhere around the world. It can also indirectly invest in commodities.

This fund is for people who wish to invest for at least 3 years.


Lipper Award
The Orbis Global Balanced Fund won the 2017 Lipper Fund Award for the ‘Best Fund over 3 years’, in its Mixed Asset GBP Balanced category out of 283 funds.

© 2017, Thomson Reuters. Used with Permission.

Money Observer Award
The Orbis Global Balanced Fund has been named the best higher-risk mixed asset fund by Money Observer!
© 2017, Money Observer.


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The Global Balanced Fund available to UK retail investors was launched in January 2014. Before that time, performance of the original Orbis SICAV Global Balanced Fund (for institutional investors) is shown. The original fund is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or available to UK retail investors. Figures pre-2014 are adjusted to reflect the currency and fee structure of the newer fund. Both funds share the same strategy and are run by the same investment team.

Ranking vs. Peer Group

Information as of 30 November 2017

Global Balanced Fund Quartile
1 YEAR 122/150 4
3 YEAR 1/128 1
Global Balanced Fund 122/150 1/128
Quartile 4 1

Growth of £1000

Information as of {{performance.effectiveDate | oadate}}

From {{activePeriod.startDate | oadate}} to {{activePeriod.endDate | oadate}} (inclusive)

  • Global Balanced Fund

  • Benchmark

    60% MSCI World Index
    40% JP Morgan Global Government Bond Index

    Source: MSCI/J.P. Morgan

  • Peer Group Average

    Investment Association (IA) Mixed Investments 40-85% Shares

    Source: Morningstar

Global Balanced Fund {{lastfundReturns | currency}}
Benchmark {{lastbenchmarkReturns | currency}}
60% MSCI World Index
40% JP Morgan Global Government Bond Index
Source: MSCI/J.P. Morgan
Peer Group Average {{lastaverageReturns | currency}}
Investment Association (IA) Mixed Investments 40-85% Shares
Source: Morningstar

External Ratings Agencies

Morningstar Rating

The Morningstar RatingTM is an assessment of a fund’s past performance – based on both return and risk – which shows how similar investments compare with their competitors. A high rating alone is insufficient basis for an investment decision.

Funds are grouped into categories according to their actual investment style, not merely their stated investment objectives, nor their ability to generate a certain level of income. Within each Morningstar Category, the top 10% of investments receive five stars.

FE Crown Rating

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Single Year Performance

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Global Balanced Fund Benchmark Peer Group Average
{{annualPerformanceItem.startOfRange | oamonth}} – {{annualPerformanceItem.endOfRange | oamonth}} {{annualPerformanceItem.fundPerformance | notavailperc:1}} {{annualPerformanceItem.benchmarkPerformance | notavailperc:1}} {{annualPerformanceItem.peerGroupPerformance | notavailperc:1}}
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Global Balanced Fund {{annualPerformanceItem.fundPerformance | notavailperc:1}}
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The value of your investments may go down as well as up, so you may not get back the amount you originally invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Top 10 holdings

Information as of {{effectiveDate | oadate}}

Company % Fund Assets Asset Type
{{$index+1}}. {{}} {{holding.amountGross | percent}}% {{holding.assetType}}
‘Equity’ means shares in companies. ‘Fixed income’ includes corporate bonds, government bonds and cash. ‘Other’ includes assets or liabilities that are neither ‘equity’ nor ‘fixed income’, such as commodity-linked instruments and distributions payable.

Regional allocation

Information as of {{effectiveDate | oadate}}

For equities, geographic region is generally based on where the company is incorporated. For fixed income, classification is based on the currency in which the bond is issued. Figures may not add up to 100% due to rounding.
Region % Fund Assets
{{}} {{region.amountGross | percent:0}}%

Asset types

Information as of {{effectiveDate | oadate}}

Figures are rounded which may have an effect on totals.
{{ }} {{ | percent:0 }}%

‘Equity’ means shares in companies.

Market hedging {{ assetClasses.equity.hedged | percent:0 }}%
Equity exposure is hedged to reduce risk
Net equity {{ | percent:0 }}%
Equity exposure after risk reduction
Fixed income {{ | percent:0 }}%
‘Fixed income and cash’ includes corporate bonds, government bonds and cash.
Other {{ | percent:0 }}%
‘Other’ includes assets or liabilities that are neither ‘equity’ nor ‘fixed income and cash’, such as commodity-linked instruments and distributions payable.
Market hedging
Equity exposure is hedged to reduce risk
Net equity
Equity exposure after risk reduction
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Key Information

Strategy size (as at 30 June 2017):
£2 billion
Strategy inception:
1st January 2013
Fund size (as at 30 June 2017):
£23 million
Fund inception:
1st January 2014
Price (as at {{prices.effectiveDate | oadate}}):
{{prices.standardPricePerShare | notavail}} (Standard share class)


12 months ending {{fees.effectiveDate | oadate}}
Entry/exit charge:
Ongoing charge:
{{fees.operatingCost | changesign:2 | notavailperc:2}}
Performance fee paid into Reserve:
{{fees.performanceFee | changesign:2 | notavailperc:2}}
Fee paid to Orbis from the Reserve (12 months ending 30 November 2017):
Amount in Reserve available for refunds (as at 30 November 2017):
3.11% of NAV
Average performance fee paid since fund launch (as at 30 November 2017):
Average performance fee paid (3 years ending 30 November 2017):


(1 January 2017)
Risk (SRRI):
4 (out of 7)

Based on historical performance, the price of this fund can go up or down by up to 10% per year - but potentially more.

For more information, please refer to the Key Investor Information Document in the Fund Literature section above.

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You can invest in our two funds via a number of fund platforms: AJ Bell, Alliance Trust Savings, Ascentric, Aviva, Canada Life International, FundsNetwork, Novia, Old Mutual International, Raymond James and Transact.

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